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    I'm amateur here at FlyingBras.com & I invite you to
    see me & 100's of other amateurs as they toss their
    bras for you. I had a lot of fun during my photo session.

    You'll see women and girls of all ages as they unstrap, twirl their bras and toss them towards the camera. It's a lot of fun since you'll see bras & boobs of all shapes and sizes.

    We have done sessions with smaller than "A" cups to as large as 33HHH. You better duck as that one comes flying towards you! Best of all the amateurs shown are exclusive to our sites, so you see gals you have never seen before...
    More fun video in one of our 5 minute clips than most XXX full
    length pornos. Tired of the hard-core?? This site is a viable alternative. You get to see beautiful women of all shapes, sizes and colors show off their natural bodies in ways that will make you smile and go WOW! Different and unusual is what drives this site. Unique images...

This site will allow you to see a fabulous variety of amateurs tossing their bras & getting topless. Let those boobies loose & toss those restraints. You will see a very short video clip of the bra being tossed (often in slow motion) along with a small photo set that shows what this amateur looks like. This is not some mega-site with thousands of models... Instead it is a site built for fun showing a very small portion of the videos & still photos featured on our other sites JustNips.com and PregnantUSA.com Some of our amateurs may surprise you. These gals are not your typical plastic "Barbie" styled models so common to other sites. Noting here is xxx or porn, so you can watch it with your girlfriend. Membership to the site has been placed at a ridiculously low rate & for a long term membership for one flat fee (less than $10)... We hope that when you watch some of the everyday cuties from age 18 to age 58, you might find a few favorites & join our other sites, where you can typically see each amateur in depth with at least 100 photos & videos for each model from 30-40 minutes in length. Newer models have videos in full HD 1280x720 size. This is an uncomplicated site simply built for FUN! The photos & video seen on this site are exclusive to this site & the sister sites mentioned above. Enjoy! Learn the art of tossing your bra! Some do it so elegantly & others are simply grade"A" klutzes... But that's what makes this sooooo much fun!





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